Friday, 26 August 2011

Folksy Friday - The pet shop!

Do you ever find that sometimes the stress of crafting for a living can get to you? Ive been doing this for 3 years now. With sales going down and shops not paying up on time I felt I could do with something that was a bit more secure. It can be tough working for yourself at times. You have to be self motivated and organized which I think we all find it hard to do!

So I thought that I would look for a wee part time job that could give me a regular income and then I can do my crafting as a hobby again. In my village I saw an advert in a shop window of a pet shop. The hours looked right so I put my CV in and hoped for the best. I've always wanted to work in a pet shop. I'm forever going in them just to say 'hi' to the wee animals. (No I'm not mad. I bet you have done the same thing!!) So I was so chuffed that I got a call back and I went for an interview the next day. But I got the text today saying I hadn't got the job. Boohoo!! Oh well, I will keep trying so my folksy Friday is my next thing to it.I hope you like it♥

1:Quernus Crafts with wee tan mouse with green apple
2:Carole's glass with stained glass angel fish sun catcher
3:Mary Elliott with cute Guinea pig ring
4:Handmade by Kitty Clark with homespun bunny
5:Hoot ceramics with ceramic birds
6:The other mousie with rare Tibetan sneezing hamsters

I hope you enjoy my selection and please feel free to give a comment. Also you can have a browse in my folksy shop by following the link.Carols crafts on folksy


  1. You've picked some lovely things - I really like those little ceramic birds. Shame about the job, I hope you find something else you like the sound of soon. x

  2. Sorry you didn't get the job - it's tough out there at the moment :(
    But you have a lovely selection of related Folksy items.
    Jo x

  3. Cute collection! thanks for featuring my ring :) and good luck with the job hunt xx

  4. Cute picks...and sorry about the job too. Found you on Folksy x

  5. The Guinea pig ring really made me smile! Super picks (-;

  6. Carol, I do know what you mean - it can be challenging to keep going month after month and be completely self-sufficient. Your work is so beautiful, though, and I do believe that things will pick up - there are many people out there still wanting to buy, and we just have to be a bit cannier about finding them!

    Many thanks for including my wee apple mouse in your lovely selection - the perfect job is still out there waiting for you, which is why the pet shop job didn't work out this time. Good luck! xx

  7. Sorry I'm a bit late leaving a comment, I've not been to my folksy shop in a while! Thank you so much for including my hamsters in this cute treasury. x