Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Arrivederci Edinburgh!

Well after a long thought, after 3 years of being in Forres I had decided to take my products out of the Edinburgh shops. For about 12 years I was supplying a shop in Leith called Flux. Then they opened a shop in North Berwick so I supplied them there to. It was a sale or return basis and I had great success there. These are great wee shops that help local artist and support fair trade too. You will always find something different there. I must say that 12 years ago when i moved to Edinburgh the shop owner Bea Taylor was very glad to have my glass painting and was always encouraging to have the new thing that I had created. And for that I will always be grateful because it helped to build my confidence.

Leith shop
 But as times have changed I decided to take my things out and recall my stock. I worked out that I had about £2,700 worth of stock there! And thats just what I would get if it sold in the shops! But as you crafters know sometime you have to re-jiggle things about to find out what sells best for you. So I felt an up date was in order. So down I went yesterday with my big suitcase and rucksack. (I don't drive so I took the train!) I'm chocked with the cold too but I said I would go down because I had booked it a month before hand. I didn't have to go out to North Berwick because all the stock was in Leith so that was handy.

Sometimes its a bit of a leap of faith when you change things. When you make things for a living you have to have you finger in alot of pies as it were. You may supply shops, do craft fairs and have an online outlet like folksy or etsy. Facebook has been a great outlet too. But you know what is best for yourself and you have to keep on testing the market for what sells the best. So I hope to concentrate on being local but I still have my folksy shop. I have an etsy shop but haven't used it for a wee while but I maybe will do more in that end.

Great thing is that I have a load of stock now to sell at craft fairs and the up and comming Nairn Agricultural show. I hope to do some more facebook sales too because these go down so well. Look what I have for sale now from the stock from Edinburgh!!

This is only part of what I got back! So this will be sold in the next craft fairs and shops soon. This leaves me more time to create more new things!  I will be posting soon all the shops I and markets I will be attending. I hope you like this post and will love your comments♥


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences Carol, an interesting read

    Jo x