Thursday, 28 July 2011

♥I love colour!! - Folksy Friday!♥

Well my next folksy Friday is a colourful one. I love colour especially the rainbow spectrum. Ive found some lovely finds on folksy with this theme. There was so much to chose from it was difficult to make up my mind so I have 10 to choose from. Its been such a rubbish summer so far so this might cheer you up. Enjoy ♥

1:Rainbow lavender bag by Vintage Patchworker
2:Rainbow silver plated bracelet by Pink Chihuahua Kisses
3:Pencil hair grip by Funky Jewellery
4:Rainbow flower buttons by Lilley
5:Rainbow star stained glass panel by Diomo Glass
6:Rainbow tutu by Strawberry Annies
8:Glass rainbow windchimes by Abundant Glass
9:Rainbow mirror by Clair Seely Glass Design
10:Pocket rainbow-Baby felt plush rainbow by The Rainbow Room

♥And here if a few of my own rainbow things.♥

1:Funky chunky stacker bead polymer clay bracelet
2:Polymer clay rainbow charms
3:Rainbow ball polymer clay bag charm
4:Rainbow butterfly polymer clay necklace

♥I hope you like the selection and please feel free to leave a comment. All the best!♥


  1. It's quite impressive when so many rainbow items are placed together. Thank you for including my panel too!

  2. thanks for featuring one of our rainbow tutus, lovely bright pictures and such a cheerful choice, thanks for featuring us

    Kerry x

  3. WOW this is my most favourite FF ever!
    love rainbows and it's fun, bright and colourful.
    Want them all :oDD

    {Dab and a dash.}

  4. I love that rainbow butterfly necklace of yours - haven't seen it before. Rainbows rock!

  5. Love it, they look absolutely amazing together!

    Dawn x

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for including my pencil clip! - From Natalie at :)

  7. well that definitely cheered me up, all sunny and cheerful. Love it x

  8. Love the bracelet I love colour as well how can anyone liv without those lovely brights

  9. Rainbows are beautiful - especially when you only see them when the rain STOPS! lol

  10. Gorgeous choices...nothing quite like a rainbow to cheer the soul!!

  11. Lovely, esp. the mirror at number 9! Carol, I've finally signed up to your blog - its absolutely fabulous - well done you clever lady!! xxxx

  12. Thanks for the feature in this wonderful collection of rainbow goodies!!