Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Glass painting - Storm lanterns

I was asked for an order for these lovely storm lanterns. After polymer clay I must say that glass painting comes next. Painting glass has a special place in my heart. It was with this that I started to do craft fairs and where Carols Crafts as a business really took off. I must have been doing glass painting for about 12 -14 years now.

I use the solvent based paints myself rather than the water based ones. I like the colour better but it does smell though!! When I start I make sure the place is well ventilated and I have some white spirit, cotton wool buds, kitchen towels and table coverings.

So this order was for 3 storm lanterns with pictures of a panda, a brown bear and a polar bear. I sourced the pictures on google. When you type in what you want in google eg. panda, and go to images then line drawings you will find loads off images you can choose from. So here is some step by step pictures.

These are the template pictures I used for my lanterns. I would stick these in the inside of the lanterns and use a glass outliner to trace the outlines of the pictures. I would do this for all the sides of the lantern.

This is the polar bear one. I first used the pearl glass paint and panted all the sides. I waited for it to dry first before filling in the rest of the parts because if you are not careful the other colours will bleed into the white.

I did the same thing for the panda one leaving the white to dry first. Then I did the black part then the rest.

The brown bear one was the easiest to do. I mixed a wee bit of orange and gold paint into the brown to give it a different texture. I went over each lantern with the outliner when I was finished to sharpen the edges and neaten it more. When the are dry I will give the insides a clean and tidy them up. When lit, if you put them near a wall the pattern reflects on the the wall a bit like stained glass. They look really pretty.

So I'm fair chuffed with the way they have turned out and they are bound for a lovely lady in Burghead. I hope she likes them. For more of my painted glasses please contact me or buy them in the Handmade in Moray shop in Elgin. I hope you have enjoyed this blog entry and please feel free to comment♥


  1. They're lovely, unusual to see animals painted on lanterns but very nice!

  2. Thay are fabulous, would never have thought of animals.
    I love glass painting and have done it with the grandchildren.