Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I love cake!!

Mmmm....cake!!! Well not the type you eat! I've been making loads of cake beads. These are so popular just now. They are going really well as bag charms and I will be putting them on folksy soon.

These will be cut into 8 slices then textured to give them that sponge look. These are only half of what I have made!! The white star one on the top right is really a rainbow cake inside. I think my favorite bit about making these is when I cut into them. Makes my mouth drool!!

I've also used some of my citris canes to make the orange and lemon slices. Ive also used a needle to texture the inside if the cake. This takes ages!!

   Then when I've done all I need to do to them I peirce them ready to be used. They are baked at about 130C/275F for 30 minutes. Its best to err on the side of cooler and slightly longer. But that just what I've found. Then they are all ready to be made into beads and charms!!

And there you have it. Please go to my folksy shop for more beads and items. Enjoy!! :D


  1. I love how you make them just like real cakes and then slice them up. They all look so delicious and I can understand your mouth watering when you cut them, lol!

    I really can't eat them?
    but but but...
    fine, i'll just lick the computer screen *sulk*

  3. These look good enough to eat.
    In fact I want the star one as real cake.

    {Dab and a dash.}

  4. I know the cakes look really scrummy!! They are now on folksy too♥

  5. I really fancied them the other day. Yum,yum!!

  6. They are so scrummy looking. You're very clever at making these things.

  7. Cor! they look good enough to eat! Nom nom nom