Monday, 11 July 2011

Polymer clay pebbles

I have been wondering how to make these for a long time. You know how there are so many things to do with polymer clay that sometimes you don't get around to doing new things. So with the granite fimo I had going hard in my fimo draw and some new premo clay that I had got, I decided to give it a go and now I'm hooked! I have a few stony looking clay from the effect glittery grey ones to the granite and transparent clay.

You can see from the left hand picture some of the colours I have used. So I chose 2 - 3 colours and mixed them a bit but not too much. Then I twisted the clay so some of the merged clay lines could go sideways as you see in the picture.

Then a took a piece of clay and rooled in the palm of my hands then squashed it down into a rough pebble shape. Then that was about it!! It was just that simple! The great thing about it that you dont know what each pebble will turn out like. Then you woild peirce it before you bake it according to the manufactures instructions. If you want to make it more rough you can rub sand into the pebble before you bake it.

I lay out the shape of the necklace I want to make before baking. It saves a bit of hassle. You don't have to do stone type of beads. You can apply the same method with other abstract colours to make a different type of pebble jewellery.

I've used here purples and golds on the left hand picture and blues and silvers on the right hand picture. The purple one is not baked yet tbut the blue pebble has been baked, sanded and buffed. I'm a bit of a lasy clayer and dont tend to buff my beads but what a difference it makes with these pebbles. It seemes to give a 3D effect and the mica in the metalic clays really shine out. The feel of the pebbles are so smooth to. They feel like worry stones!

Then when you are happy with your beads you can make them into the things you want.These beads are bound for a shop in Creiff and The gallery called Hung in Inverness. I will be putting some in my Folksy shop too. I hope you have enjoyed this wee insite into polymer clay and please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks♥

Links for Hung in Inverness and An Cnoc in Creiff.!/pages/Hung-Inverness/205325119477900!/profile.php?id=100002207899569


  1. these are fantastic! you've done an amazing job with the colours & textures! I'm HUGEly impressed!

  2. Wow, they really do look so real. Brilliant! Elaine

  3. I thought they were real pebbles! They're beautiful :)

    Leanne x x

  4. I've just raved about these on your Facebook page, but I'll have a rave again: they're even more spectacular seen up-close. Incredibly life-like, really natural-looking, brilliant texture, and I *love* the gentle sparkle, just like the real thing! Very clever. Jay

  5. Beautiful beads, loved the concept. Am a wee bit awestruck.

  6. I love this! New to polymer clay, intimidated a bit, but I think I could do this! How could you screw it up and if you did who would know? Thank you!